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Saturday, 21 October 2017

La Esquina Restaurant (Varadero)

                 I'm not a regular visitor to Varadero but lately I've been spending the odd week there. For those of you who follow my blog, you'll also know that I don't usually go to State-run restaurants either. This was an exception, I didn't know the lay of the land, I was hungry and I was curious....I also received exactly what I expected. This restaurant isn't the worst I've been to but it's typical of a restaurant of it's kind. The service isn't great, the food is the typical (see menu below) and the ambiance rustic. Actually, it was the ambiance that attracted me to begin with. The restaurant is completely outdoors under a thatched roof, Cuban Ranchon style, at least I would be able to smoke my cigar if all else went sour.
                 It wasn't that bad but I'm not going to recommend anyone I know to go a pinch, in a hurry, short on funds, all acceptable reasons to frequent a place such as this but otherwise..... The Cuban I was with thought it was pretty good but they're used to all that grease. Would I go back? Sometimes I feel like a greasy chicken and if I happen to be walking by when I get that craving I probably would go back. However, if I plan ahead of time to have a lunch or dinner in Varadero, this place would never enter my mind. There are many restaurants within walking distance of the main strip that serve up a much better meal with excellent service....of course you get what you pay for. The point is that you now have options in Varadero.

La Esquina
Calle 36 esq a 1ra,
+53 45 614021

Mixto Criollo (Roast Chicken, Roast Pork & Ropa Vieja) 8.75

Half Chicken 9.50

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