Robaina's plantation

Saturday 31 March 2018

Partagas LCDH (after March Madness) Havana 2018

                        Whenever I come to my favourite Cigar Shop in Havana, actually, in the world, it's usually jammed with people. This always occurs when there's some kind of Cigar event happening in the city, either the Partagas Encuentro or the Habanos Festival that just took place in early March. All the major Aficionados had already left the city and they left nothing but pedestrian cigars in the Partagas humidor. The shelves were well stocked but no Habanos or Limited Edition cigars to be found in this shop. As well, after turning over more than a hundred boxes, nothing with more than 2 years age. So I sat myself down in the VIP room, alone, and smoked myself a cigar while sipping on an espresso and Santiago de Cuba Rum. The shop itself had it usual group of tourists coming in to buy cigars to take home to friends and family but the back room was empty. Of course I had to snap a few pics. Posted below is the info for the next prices yet.

Thursday 29 March 2018

Hotel Melia Cohiba (Art Display) Havana

                       I've been traveling to Havana for about 15 years now and ever since visiting the Hotel Melia Cohiba LCDH, back in the day, there's always been a large collection of artworks hanging on the 2nd floor walls. This is where the Cigar Shop is located. Nothing has changed, except of course the artwork that hangs on the walls, they are changed-up on a regular basis. However, what has changed is that at one time the artist's names were on display. Today the card that's posted below each painting (the same one for each) is the information telling you who to contact if you're interested in purchasing any of the artwork. I have posted a few of the names of the artists who's works I recognize....I left a few out.

Javier Guerra

Angel Eusebio Rivero Anay

Luis Enrique Camejo

Alberto Lago

Mabel Poblet

Zaida del Rio

Flora Fong

Yamil Izquierdo

Alexis Leiva Machado (Kcho)

Manuel Mendive

Artist known as 'The Merger'

Ruben Rodriguez

Karlos Perez