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Saturday 23 April 2016

La Terraza Restaurant (Havana) Another Visit

             When I say another visit, I mean there's always another visit every time I return to Havana. This is one of our favourite restaurants in Old Havana.
              In the early 20th century the building housed a former Club of German Knights but once World War II ended the space was used by the Association of American Citizens. However, since the Revolution it has become a Center for Asturians living in Cuba.
              The building is now run by the Sociedad Asturiana, along with the restaurants on the three floors. They're a Spanish organization coming from the province of Asturias in northern Spain. They have special status in Havana and more freedom when it comes to the restaurants within their spaces. Castropol is another one of our favourite restaurants in Old Havana and it's also in one of these buildings. I remember going to the restaurant Gijón on the 2nd floor many years ago but the memories are foggy. I do remember enjoying it, I should go back to try it again but La Terraza, with it's smoking patio and views of Prado, is hard to resist.
                As usual the service was professional. We were served by a gentleman of a mature age, as is usually the case. I don't think I ever remember seeing a waitress here. The patio was almost empty but we came at about 2pm. I ordered my usual ribs as my appetizer and wasn't disappointed. My girlfriend had the stuffed peppers which she equally enjoyed....and she's picky. The ribs have been consistently good for the past few years. As a main course we decided to share the leg of lamb which our dog had the pleasure of sharing as well. It's sooooo big, we couldn't finish it. It was tasty, served au jus, but would have been better with a red wine rather than the rose that I usually order. The wine, meal, including drinks & dessert, was under $90 and that included the 10% gratuity added on the bill. In my opinion a good deal for an experience of this quality..

La Terraza
Prado 309 Esquina Virtudes,
La Habana Vieja, Havana,
+53 5 8178778

Friday 22 April 2016

Havana....A Long Time Ago

                       These pictures were given to me a long time ago by a Cuban friend. Where he got them from I have no idea, maybe from some library in Havana. I hope I'm not breaking any laws by posting them but I have no idea who to ask for permission. For now, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and lets hope I don't get into trouble. All pictures are pre-revolution.


Carlos III y Belascoin

Agramonte y Monte

Neptuno y Prado

5ta Avenida (above and below)

Calzada del Cerro (above and below)


Infanta y San Lazaro

Puente Almendares (above and below)

Calle 41 y 44

El Arco de Belén en La Habana Vieja

Arial shot of Havana

July 1955

Univ. de La Habana.Calle San Lazaro (above and below)

San Lazaro y Neptuno

Calle 23 y E 


Carlos III y Belascoain