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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Hotel Habana Libre LCDH, Havana (La Casa Del Habano) A Visit

                    I'm almost embarrassed to say that I've never been to this 'La Casa del Habano'. It was about time that I visited and what better way than with an invitation to try a new Regional release for Brazil this year, the Bolivar Redentor a Petit Robusto. We were ushered into a fair sized room that had tables set in rows with chairs on either side and glasses for water and a drink. This was not a smoking lounge, this room was meant for this purpose. People had told me that this was the biggest of all the LCDHs and I'd have to agree, this shop was huge. It even has a fountain or pond set up right in the middle of the shop as soon as you enter. The smoking lounge or area is also on this main space two steps up in front of the bar. I couldn't get a good picture of it because there were people that I didn't know sitting in the space. It wasn't set-up to accommodate too many people, maybe 8 with another 6 at the bar. The walk-in Humidor, is also a very large, with many shelves that were packed with goodies, mostly pedestrian but stocked with all 3 of the current Limited Editions and many Behikes. It also had several beautiful humidors on display. I had the opportunity to meet the director of the store, Elina Perez. A very pleasant lady who seems to run a well organized shop. The service was exceptional and if I ever have a tasting of my own one day I know I could count on Elina to provide me with excellent service. Below are some pictures of the shop and the tasting room.

La Casa Del Habano
Hotel Habana Libre
dir. Elina Perez
Calle 23, e/ L y M, Vedado
tel. (537) 834-6111

The Smoking Area

The Tasting Room

The 3 Regionals for 2013


  1. Very good U Visit info: Hotel Habana Libre LCDH, Havana (La Casa Del Habano)
    From me the best Havanna Cigar Shop in town.

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