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Saturday 4 July 2015

Balcón del Valle (Restaurant Visit) Vinales Valley

                    This was literally a visit but I had to Post about this place. We had already had lunch and it was way to early for dinner when I came upon this spot on my way back to our Casa. The view was absolutely stunning, just look at the pictures. Look at the last the hell does thing not topple, it's something to consider. The menu was the usual country style cooking, offering up; pork, chicken, fish and lobster done the Pinareño way. I didn't have the opportunity to eat here but the offerings are traditional and not complicated....and not expensive. I didn't take pictures of the menu and I couldn't find it on line. The reviews are good but how bad could it have been anyway, the view is well worth it, main-courses $6-8cuc (except the Lobster). It's definitely on my list of restaurants to check out next time I'm out that way. Enjoy the pictures.

Km. 23 Carretera a Vinales
120 meters W of the Info Center
2-3 kilometers before town of Vinales
Pinar del Rio, Cuba
tel. (4)869-5847
cell (5)310-3858

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