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Wednesday 15 July 2015

Chino Lam (Chinese Restaurant Review) Playa, Havana

                 As my readers know, when I travel to Cuba, I always stay in the same house in Playa, Miramar. When my girlfriend told me of a Chinese Restaurant that opened up just 100 meters from where we stay, I was eager to give it a try. That was a little over a year ago and I've gone several times on each of my trips. It's too easy, we know what we like and they even deliver. I have to say the only time we actually ate in the restaurant was that first time, we usually have it delivered. The restaurant is an apartment on the first floor of a low-rise apartment building. I have no pictures of the food and I can't say the pictures of the takeout would have looked any good. The food is a little different than what I'm used to in the way of Chinese but it isn't bad and it's something different than the usual stuff. We will always order some kind of rice, spring rolls, fried dumplings and a chicken dish with some kind of gravy-like sauce and peanuts on top. It's consistently okay, nothing special but it hits the spot every time. The place itself is decorated very nicely with rarely a customer in it. I've stopped in on a few occasions to order something to be delivered and have hardly ever found anyone eating there. The waiter, who is very nice, says they do alright. Maybe I come at the wrong times. My girlfriend and I have tried to support the place as much as possible when I'm there, we really want to see them hang on. It's nice to have a variety of eateries within walking distance of the house. An Italian restaurant that I posted a review for recently, just opened not long ago as well about 200 meters in the opposite direction. Chinese and Italian, throw in Cuban and we have 3 of my favourite cuisines. If you stay in the area like I do and are looking for something different to eat, please try these guys, they deserve the business. Below are pictures of the restaurant and the menu.

Chino Lam
Calle 3raA no.8410 e/84 y 86
Playa, Miramar, Havana
tel. (7)205-4052
Tues-Sun 12noon-11pm

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