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Sunday 26 July 2015

Hotel Telegrafo (Habana Vieja) Havana

                Considered Cuba's oldest hotel, it's caught my eye since the first time I set foot on this part of the city. It's pretty, in a central location and beautifully decorated....on the outside anyway. The few times I've entered to have a coffee at the bar on the ground floor, I have to say it's nicely decorated on the inside as well. However, I can't tell you how the rooms are, I've never stayed at this hotel.
                  The hotel originally opened in 1860 but not at this location, it was on Amistad Street. It wasn't until 1888 that it came to the spot where it stands today and just a few years after that it was rated as one of the better hotels in Latin America. In 1911 it became one of the few hotels to have telephones in the even had them on the restaurant's tables. I had read that the Caballero de Paris, who has a statue erected in his honor in front of the Iglesia San Francisco in the Plaza of the same name, worked in the restaurant as a waiter before he went a little off and began wandering the streets of Havana. But that was years ago and since then it had fallen into disrepair, like many of the old buildings in the city. After being closed for many years the building was given a complete restoration and the hotel with it's 63 rooms (and 9 junior suites) reopened it's doors to the public in 2001.
                    As I said, I have not stayed in this hotel but there's all kinds of information on the internet regarding these lodgings. You will find no end of pictures, reviews and agencies that can reserve a space for you in this place. Just punch in the name of the hotel and havana and several pages of information will pop-up on google. The pictures below were taken on a couple of my visits when I stopped in for a coffee. The pictures inside are of the lobby, restaurant and bar.

Hotel Telegrafo
Prado 408 esq Neptuno,
Habana Vieja. Ciudad de La Habana.
Phone:+53 47 483647

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