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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Casa de Conde de Lombillo (Plaza de La Catedral) Havana June 2015

            This beautiful home is located in the Plaza de La Catedral. If you're facing the church, it's the corner to the right. Built in 1741, it was once owned by the Count of Lombillo who attained his wealth from the slave trade. At one point in the mid 1800's, the building became the site for first and main post office for the city.
           The building has been renovated in the last decade or so and now houses a museum on the upper floors and art Exhibits on the ground floor. When you enter you will go through a couple of rooms showing centuries old nicknacks; pill boxes, fans, combs..... Once past these rooms a lovely courtyard appears. This was once a great mansion. Upstairs is a museum showing period furniture gathered from around the city. Each of the rooms is set up as it would have been back in the day, with an exaggerated amount of chairs, paintings... only sitting rooms & dining rooms. Lately there has been a space set aside for art exhibits up here, downstairs there's always been something hanging on the walls. On this particular visit there seemed to be more emphasis on the art since the 'Bienal de La Habana' was going on.
             A visit to this beautiful mansion is a nice way to spend 20-30 minutes and the location is perfect. The view of the plaza and church from the upper floor balcony is lovely. You have photo ops, culture & history and it's all free.

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