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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Trinidad Topes Edicion Limitada 2016 (my thoughts)

                 They must have just released this cigar while I was in Cuba this past November. They come in Trinidad's usual box of 12 and weigh in at 56 x 125 (4.9") making it a Robusto....and a rather thick one.
                  Remembering it's two predecessors, the Robusto T & the Ingenio, I was both anxious and apprehensive prior to trying this Cigar. Although I like Trinidads I had mixed feelings about both of their previous EL releases. I bought a couple of singles from the Hotel Habana Libre LCDH to try so I could decide if wanted a box. They're selling for about 160CUC per box of 12 in Cuba. I therefore have no box date but it's safe to say it's current.
                  The flawless wrapper was the typical dark (a Trinidad tradition) and it was hard to the touch. Off the start the cigar tasted of chocolate and leather, it was medium in strength. It tasted maduro-ish and mild for a Trinidad, it was mild to medium in strength now. Past the half the flavours don't change much but by the last quarter it picks up a little power with earth and pepper and tasting more like it should. The burn is slightly off past the half but with no major issues.
                  This cigar has a ways to go before it settles down and where it does might disappoint Trini lovers. It doesn't seem like the typical profile at this point in time but personally I rather enjoyed it. A box of these has been added to my list.


  1. I just grabbed a couple of boxes from my dealer in La Rioja after smoking a couple singles. I liked them a lot. BTW, I believe the prices is probably 160CUC not 260 (it just sounds too high), and I believed I was told in Habana that it was going to be around 14CUC, so that makes sense.

    Enjoyed your post as usual. Thanks,

    @cigars4soul on IG

    1. You know what Javier, you're correct and thank you for pointing that out....I miscalculated (wow).

    2. How much is that in US dollars?