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Wednesday 29 November 2017

Casa Museo Del Cafe (Topes de Collantes) Trinidad

                        If you travel to the town Trinidad in the Sancti Spiritus province and your intent is to stay a few days, you may want to take some side trips as the town of Trinidad itself can get a little repetitive after a couple of days. One of the side trips I took was to the El Nicho waterfall in the Cienfuegos province. If you opt for the shorter bumpier route that goes through the Topes de Collantes mountain range directly from Trinidad as opposed to taking the longer smoother ride from the city of Cienfuegos, you will come across this 'Casa del Cafe' and museum along the way. They used to grow coffee beans out here and this museum shows the history of Cuba's involvement in Coffee industry posted on their walls as well as objects used in the past for the manufacturing as well as making & consumption of coffee. If anything, it's a spot to rest after 45 minutes of erratic driving and have a cafe con leche and a smoke. You won't be alone, there isn't much out here so many who drive by decide to stop for a coffee. Outside you'll find instruments used in the coffee bean process as well as a small souvenir shop (of course).

PS.....they also make fancy coffee's with alcohol.

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