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Friday 5 April 2019

A Walk Along Calle Concordia (Havana)

                  As I have said in a previous Post, I had taken many walks along many roads on my previous trip to Havana, this being one of them. Concordia runs east-west, parallel to and four blocks away from San Lazaro, five blocks from the Malecon. It starts (or ends) at San Lazaro near the university and ends (or begins) at's not a very long road. There isn't a great deal to see along this avenue but like the rest of the city, there are a few architectural jewels along the way.
                  Considered an important street in the Centro Habana district of the city, I found no information or history of it on the internet. I did notice many Casa Particulares and several Restaurants along the way and when doing my research I realized that there are quite a few Casas along this road.....some that weren't so obvious. I was reminded that one of the most famous Havana Restaurants is on this road, La Guarida. For those of you who don't know, this space was used as the apartment for one of the protagonists in the award winning Cuban movie “Fresa y Chocolate” and was later converted into a restaurant in 1996. I found it to be safe, during the day, but I've been here at night and I don't know if I would recommend walking here then....I'm sure I'm being over cautious but it's not a road that's frequented by many tourists and therefore a little more caution should be exercised......The pictures aren't in any particular order. Enjoy

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