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Monday 25 February 2013

Montecristo Edmundo Box Date Dec.05 (cigar review)

               I have loved this cigar since it's release in 2004. What attracted me to this cigar, besides the fact that it was a Montecristo (I love Montecristo) was it's size. They call this a Robusto but at 52 x 135 (5.3"), it seems a little larger, almost like a Corona Gorda. Besides, back then Montecristo was missing this particular Vitola. Two years after that they released what I consider a Robusto when they came out with the Petit Edmundo. In those days I had the good fortune of smoking the Edmundos rolled out of the H.Upmann factory which was where they were first made. They were a staple of mine for the first couple of years but many cigars have come out since then. Nowadays I have a hand full Emundos a year, this one was sent to me by a friend who lives in the US.
               This cigar had an almost flawless light coloured wrapper with just a couple bumps on the cap. It was solid to the touch with a small soft spot a little past the halfway mark. The pre-light draw was very faint and I couldn't really pick-up anything distinctive but it drew marvelously. Once lit, the draw was absolutely perfect giving me big puffs of smoke. The burn was just a bit off  at the start but by around the 3/4" it straightened itself out. It was proving to be a well-made, mild to medium smoke. Once the flavours settled I picked up dominant chocolate and coffee notes.....and It was soooo smooth. A little further on and tobacco flavours began to make their way through and it had a kind of sweetness to it.
                It continued this way for the next quarter without changing much until it reached the halfway mark. At this point coffee took over again with a little bit of earth creeping in. I flicked the ash at this point to reveal a perfect little cone indicating a brilliantly rolled cigar. Halfway through the third quarter however, although very smooth, it begins to pickup strength turning into a good solid medium and sometimes a little stronger with hints of leather poking through.
                Nearing the last quarter, I left the cigar in the ashtray for a few minutes and it went out so I flicked the ash and relit. No cone was left this time but it was still smoking fine. It's been burning pretty straight all the way through so far. It had begun to taste a little bitter but after a few minutes it mellowed enough to make it smokeable again. Now, into the last quarter, the flavours change once more, I taste the classic earth and wood that I enjoy in a Montecarlo. The burn went off for a few minutes but straightened itself out again for the last inch of the smoke. Smoked it until the very end, almost.
                This was an absolutely fantastic cigar and I thoroughly enjoyed smoking it. I'm not sure that any more age could have made it any better. I still love this cigar, older or younger, it's still great value for a Cuban smoke and would recommend it to anyone who's yet to try one.

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