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Monday, 27 January 2014

Cars of Cuba (Jan.2014)

                 This never gets tired as so many of you have shown me by the amount of hits these posts get. Cuba is very unique in the sense that there are so many of these classic cars around but unfortunately for the Cubans it's not because they collect them, it's out of necessity. As with many of the things that make Cuba unique, we gain by their suffering, sad to say but a reality. Most of these cars have very little that's original about them as with the Embargo it's impossible for them to get original parts. Therefore, most parts, especially the Engine, come from somewhere else. Due to the cost of fuel and lack of money, a lot of the Engines have been replaced by something Diesel. There's many a Lada Engine in these classic cars. Let's enjoy them while we can. A law has passed that any Cuban can now buy any car. Although the prices are ridiculously high for now, who knows, if the prices become reasonable one day it may be the beginning of the end for these classics.

PS....sometimes the background is as interesting as the Car itself.

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