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Wednesday 4 June 2014

Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos (cigar review) Box Date Oct.2011

              I wasn't shopping for this cigar as I was visiting my friends at different Cigar Shops in Havana but when I found it and looked at the date it was boxed, I couldn't resist picking it up. I'm pretty sure I smoked one years ago when it was first released (in 2004) but I can't remember anything about the experience. I can tell you I like the size, 50 x 102 (4.0"), it makes for a nice short smoke when you don't have the time for something bigger.
              This particular cigar was as hard as a rock but I've learned not to worry and sure enough the draw was perfect. It had a slightly bumpy cap with a veinless light coloured wrapper. When first lit, it was almost a medium body with flavours of coffee and toasted nuts and an even burn but by the time I got to the first inch the burn was slightly off and it mellowed out becoming a mild smoke.
              I touched it up with my torch past the first inch and the coffee and nuts made room for wood, which stayed that way right to the end. It wasn't a complicated cigar and didn't change at all after that first inch. At the last 1/3 it was burning a little hotter through the middle. I fixed it with my torch and it didn't affect the flavours at all. I smoked it right down to the end and have to say I enjoyed it.
              If you like a cigar with a bit of a kick, this one's not for you. If you like a little variety in your humidor and want a quick smoke with your morning coffee, this is a cigar to consider. I have no regrets buying this box even though it isn't one of the most memorable cigars I'll smoke in my life.