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Wednesday 2 July 2014

Cuban Art & What Some is Worth Outside Cuba

                  Have you ever wondered if any of that Art that I post is really worth anything. I have inquired at times about the value, both financial and in respect to credibility, of the Art that I see hanging in the many galleries that I visit. Some of the prices for the larger pieces belonging to the older and more famous Artists can run you well into the thousands of dollars. It wasn't always like that I heard. In the beginning when Cuban Art was being discovered, the Cubans didn't know how much value their works contained. Today their Art goes for much more than those early days and some of their Artists have become well known in the Global Art Community. As I've always maintained, I know nothing about Art but I imagine that it's a matter of personal taste. If you like something, you're willing to pay what is asked or at least negotiate a price you can live with.
                  Below are prices asked for some of the Art that's been available outside Cuba. You'll notice that the more famous artists such as Roberto Fabelo can ask a lot more for their artwork. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. By the way....all these paintings come with papers of authenticity.

Nelson Dominguez
Los Enamorados (54 x 39 cm) $2300

Nelson Dominguez 
Los sueños de Veguero (49 x 76 cm) $2900

Zaida Del Rio
Madrigal (61 x 28 cm) $1900

Zaida Del Rio 
Untitled (80 x 130 cm) $3900

Leandro Manuel Fernandez Cuevas 
Untitled (103 x 75 cm) $1300

Maidelin Sanchez 
Emigrantes (85 x 115 cm) $2300

Luis Enrique Camejo 
Untitled (Havana Malecón Waves) (40 x 50 cm) $1100

Luis Enrique Camejo 
Untitled (Havana, Malecón & Focsa)  (40 x 50 cm ) $1100

Roberto Fabelo 
Serie Viajes Fantásticos del Súper Gallo (75 x 107 cm) $29000

Niels Jenry Reyes Cadalso 
Untitled (50 x 50 cm) $1800

Noel Morera Cruz 
Fórmula Uno (178 x 163 cm) $1800

Noel Morera Cruz 
Poca Ayuda. Serie Puerto II (136 x 210 cm) $2600

Maikel Linares Nunez
David (100 x 80 cm) $2000

Maikel Linares Nunez 
Untitled (100 x 80 cm) $2000

Pedro Pablo Rodriguez Oliva 
Muchacha con Ojos Cerrados (25 x 20 cm) $1400

Pedro Pablo Rodriguez Oliva 
Hombre con una Bola de Hilo (25 x 20 cm) $1400

Agustin Bejarano 
El Peso del Mundo (55.5 x 85.5 cm ) $6000

Alejandro Diaz Martin 
Encabalgamiento (120 x 90 cm) $2000

Alejandro Gomez Cangas 
Composition with Shadow (115 x 120 cm) $2750

Arturo Montoto Echevarria 
Al Día Siguiente (55 x 60 cm) $6800

Héctor Veloz Martinez 
Para desnudo y cuerdas (86 x 70 cm) $1700


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