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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Quai d'Orsay 'Belicoso Royal' Edición Regional Francia 2013 (cigar review)

                  I traded for a couple of these cigars with a friend of mine who lives in France. 2000 numbered boxes of 25 cigars were released in January 2014. It weighs in at 52 x 125 (4.9"), a Petit Belicoso. The light coloured wrapper on this one was smooth and oily, it was flawless. It was hard to the touch with just a hint of give. The pre-light draw gave me dried fig and wood but it seemed like the draw was going to be a bit firm. Once lit my suspicions were confirmed, it was a bit tight, so I cut a little more off. That seemed to make it a little better. The burn was way off right from the start so I touched it up. A half inch into this cigar and I taste a sweetness, chocolate, with wood and a hint of floral. The burn continues to be off, this is a medium to strong bodied cigar.
                   I left the cigar for a moment at about the first inch mark and it went out....the burn is still off. It's still a bit stronger than a medium body, a nice full-bodied medium. Into the second quarter of this cigar and I'm picking up leather and wood....the burn is still off. The draw turned out to be ok, just a little firm.
                   Near the halfway mark and the burn is way off again and burning hotter through the middle. I had to do a major touch-up. It was starting to turn on me already, very earthy now and that hint of floral comes in for a moment. Into the third quarter of the cigar and leather is the dominant flavour now with that hint of floral coming around for a moment once again. The last quarter was earthy and it went out again...I didn't bother re-lighting.
                     This cigar was all over the place and took a bit of work to smoke with all the re-lights and touch-ups but I enjoyed it just the same. It definitely was a very interesting smoke and very young, it needs a couple of years to rest. I have one more and will put it away for a much later date. If you decide to buy a box I recommend that you stick it in the back of your humidor and try to resist temptation. This will be a much better cigar down the road.

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