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Monday, 24 November 2014

Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Cena de Bienvenida (Nov.2014) Welcome Dinner...Havana

                 This past week the 27th meeting of the Partagas's Friends took place in Havana. Due to other commitments I was only able to attend the one event. As always, it was a great time for everyone with Cigar Aficionados from all over the world coming together to partake in an event that's become more a way to reunite with one another than anything else. The fact that it's in Havana and that we're smoking the best cigars in the world is only a bonus. It was unfortunate the weather was not agreeable but the show went on just the same. A cold front had come in a couple of days before bringing with it rain. It wasn't sure whether or not the venue would change, it was planned for the Plaza de Armas. Havana at night is beautiful and as you can see from the pictures below it would have been shame if it had to go indoors. Besides, there was no plan B....we all crossed our fingers. There was a light drizzle of rain for most of the night but hey!!! was better than the snow that had fallen in my city, or worse, the 2 meters that had fallen in Buffalo, NY.
                  The entertainment was excellent as usual with live music and dancers showing off their stuff for most of the night. Presentations were held to a minimum and a short but heartfelt tribute was given to one of our fallen. The heart and soul of past Encuentros, Massimo De Giovanni from Italy, had past away a couple of days before. It was a sad moment but Massimo was one of a kind and deserved to be recognized.
                   The food was quite good, the wine was palatable and the Santiago de Cuba 11 year old rum that they put in the middle of each table was exceptional. They handed out 7 cigars for this occasion, it was unfortunate that I lost half of them in the confusion. The party ended a little sooner than the usual but there were no complaints. By that time we were all tired of being out in the rain. Many of us went on to the Hotel Nacional to have a final smoke afterwards and some of us went to one of my favourite spots after that, the Gato Tuerto, to cap the night.
                  The organizers of the event get top marks on my behalf for putting together a great show and the Partagas Staff were nothing less than amazing....I love you all. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

Hotel Nacional

Gato Tuerto

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  1. Great photos Matteo, was a pleasure to meet you at the Nacional that evening.