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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Cafencuentro (Miramar, Havana) Breakfast Snack Bar

                It's a shame that this restaurant has ended up like so many others we've tried. My girlfriend and I are forever looking for a nice breakfast spot. When she discovered this beauty just 200 meters from where we live in Miramar, we got very excited. She had already visited the place a couple of times before my next trip to Cuba and was satisfied that I would like the place. I enjoy eggs over easy with bacon and toast.....done reasonably well. What does reasonably well mean? When I visited the first time the eggs weren't perfect but acceptable, the bread was toasted hard as a rock and wasn't toast bread but the bacon was done nicely and I emphasize the term or word 'Bacon' (view link below).

                After having said all that, I'm not overly picky. I only saw that the bread wasn't great so I treated it like crackers and lived with it. However, on my more current visit, as I stated on my opening line, like many restaurants in Cuba, they start out great and then the quality changes for the worse. Check out the pictures of the same order (pictured below) as in my first visit and tell me if that looks like bacon to you. Did you notice that the bread is toast bread? Did you also notice that it's white...and it's still as hard as a rock. When I asked the waitress about the bacon, she just said that's bacon, or our bacon. I'll tell you what it is and it's not bacon (even for a Cuban). 
                 I will come back but it won't be for the breakfast. They make nice designer coffees like Mochaccino and have a couple of freshly squeezed juices but it has a lovely atmosphere and decent service (the waitress was told what to say about the bacon). Next time for food I'll have a Ham and Cheese Sandwich (they can't screw that up) and try a couple of their Tapas. They have a menu, check it out on my previous post at the link I posted above. 
                So what am I saying? It's a nice place but order breakfast expecting a disappointment....or not, who knows, it's Cuba. I'll let you know what I think on my next visit.

Calle 3ra #8205
Miramar, Playa
Between 8am-11pm

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