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Thursday 10 December 2015

La Guarida Restaurant (Havana) A Visit

                     I can't call this a review because I didn't eat here on this visit, I was on the rooftop patio for an event but had to stop in for a few pics. I ate here only once and that was about 10 years ago, way before this blog. I remember it being one of the better restaurants I ate at, not cheap, but excellent quality and service. Looking over the menu, the choices are pretty varied and I could see there were a few items that I would venture to try. As far as atmosphere goes it hits a home run. When you enter the building, two floors below, you would never imagine there would be anything of any worth in here but how wrong you are. The restaurant opened it's doors in 1996 taking over the apartment used in the movie 'Fresa y Chocolate' (Strawberry & Chocolate) which is the only Cuban movie to win an oscar. The apartment's name in the movie was 'La Guarida' (hideaway or hideout), hence the name of the restaurant. It's the only commercial space in this otherwise residential building. In case you were wondering, yes, Beyonce ate here while she was in Havana with her husband JayZ. It's pricey for Cuba but always cheaper than back home for similar quality. If they're still this popular I assume they've continued putting out a good product, after all, they've been in operation for 20 years now and must be doing something right. Give them a try.

La Guarida
418 Concordia
Centro Habana, La Habana
tel. +53 7 8669047


  1. Wow.... Pre-Entry does look deceiving .

  2. Great food. Great service. The first two floors are delapidated. Third floor (restaurant) and top bar are nice.