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Monday 4 July 2016

Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar (Trinidad) Cuba

                      Firstly I have to tell you all that I didn't stay at this hotel. I was doing some research for a project I was working on and came here to investigate the condition of the hotel. As far as how the food, condition of the rooms and service go I can't say from personal experience. The reviews I've read are mixed, some loved it and some hated it. The usual issues were mentioned by the haters, all the possible inefficiencies that can occur at a Cuban hotel and then you had people saying how everything was perfect (or near perfect). It's no different than the things I hear about every other hotel in Cuba from any of the multitude of beach destinations.
                      I can tell you that my walk through the hotel grounds left me with a good impression. I loved the fact that the hotel was right on the beach, no long walk to get to the ocean. It's perfect for family vacations as it looks to be geared for the kids. The hotel is less than 10km from the scenic town of Trinidad which is a must see and can easily be visited 2-3 times during your stay.
                      The hotel sits on Playa Ancon, which after some investigation, is considered the best beach on Cuba's southern coast if you exclude Cayo Largo & Playa Frances which are on islands south of Cuba, both with their own airports. I discovered that most of the resorts advertised in the all-inclusive holiday packages going to Cuba are located on the northern coast. I also discovered that Cuba has many more beaches that you and I realize and I'm sure that some of them would rate high on the list if judged.

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