Robaina's plantation

Thursday 1 August 2019

Mercado Calle 19 y 42 (Havana)

                   There are several large and many small open markets scattered across Havana where you can get a variety of fruits and vegetables that are either in season or that are planted year round. It's the only place where you can get produce, as there are no supermarkets that sell this foodstuff in the city....or anywhere else in the country. There are many more smaller markets than larger ones but the variety and quantity of product will diminish as they get smaller. The Market below is one of the larger and better stocked ones in this part of the city, Miramar, or close by. I came here several times while on my last trip (from 5ta y 86) as it was the best stocked market closest to where I stay. It's completely safe....below are a few pictures.

PS.....even though I have a market around the corner from where I stay and pass one on the way, I still prefer to come here when I'm wanting to do a big purchase.

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