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Wednesday 12 October 2011

Exposicion Colectiva Marinas 'Galeria Palacio de Lombillo'

                On my last trip to Havana in May, I came accross an exhibition of Seascapes by a collection of young painters. It is an old artform that's hardly used anymore. These young artists are rejuvenating it.
                 The Palacio de Lombillo, also known as Palacio del Conde Lombillo, is located in the beautiful Plaza de La Catedral. It's a colonial building which was constructed in 1746. The paintings were being shown on the ground floor. Admission: free

Artist Unknown

Jesus Hermida
title Oleo lienzo

Rene Lopez
title Silvero Playita

Rensol Gonzalez
title La Playa

Nelson Gonzalez Pujol
title Baracoa

Sergio Hernandez Moliner
title Embarcadero de Cojimar

Roberto Alfonso
title Arraigados por Naturaleza

Artist Unknown

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