Robaina's plantation

Thursday 20 October 2011

Finca Robaina

                 At least a couple of times a year I make the trip out to Pinar del Rio from Havana. I almost always make a stop to the late Alejandro Robaina's farm that's now run by his grandson Hiroshi.
                 When Alejandro was alive I would often wander around the property and explore. I felt at times that Alejandro was being crowded, so I did my part by leaving the pack. It offered me great opportunities to see life on the plantation outside of the few hundred square feet that most people occupy when they visit the farm. I would take pictures, of course. Here are some images taken from the area on and around the Robaina property. Please enjoy.

Off a main road in San Luis, Pinar de Rio, is the entrance to the Robaina's property. Up until Alejandro's death, there was no sign. You either knew where it was or you had to ask. Hiroshi has since put a sign up by the road. Once on the property you drive on a long, winding, dusty dirt road for several minutes before coming upon this gate. This is the entrance to The Robaina's homes.

                                                         Tobacco crop in Novenber.

The road that winds around the property.


Workers home.

Curing Barn.

Fixing a truck with whatever parts they can find to fit.

The Parts Department

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