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Monday 7 November 2011

Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5 & Romeo y Julieta Escudo EL 2007 (cigar reviews)

                  It's already cold up hear in Toronto, Canada. It was -1 celcius last night but we braved a couple of smokes in my friend's well equiped garage. The smokes I tried were the Cohiba Maduro 5 Magico a Petit Robusto at 52 x 115 (4 1/2") and the Romeo y Julieta EL 2007 Escudo a Robusto Extra at 50 x 141 (5.6").
                   I started with the Escudo thinking that the Maduro would be stronger. The Escudo packed a good punch. Started out fulled bodied and follows through consistantly with no variation until about 1 inch before the end and shortly after that mellows out. I hated putting it down but I couldn't hold it anymore. A great draw all the way through with a perfect burn and a beautiful wrapper. The ash fell only twice before I put it down. Hints of chocolate and leather. I'm going to enjoy smoking the rest of these cigars. GREAT
                   The Maduro in comparison, I wasn't crazy about. The wrapper, with it's 5 years of aging, looks beautiful, they honestly look great, oily and dark. It starts off full bodied as I expected with a woody taste but as I remembered them in the past, they have a bitterness that I'm not crazy about. The draw started decent but because of the roll being a bit off, the cigar burned unevenly & because of that, started to affect the draw.
It's not horrible and I'm sure they won't all be a bad roll, it's my taste. I prefer the non-cuban maduro that's a bit more on the sweeter side. I know these cigars are appreciated by many. I drank a decent Port with both smokes.


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