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Saturday 5 November 2011

Quinta y 16 (cigar shop & restaurant)

               I discovered 'Quinta y 16' a few years ago when I started exploring all the cigar venues around Havana. I still have a lot more to see. It wasn't until my Cuban friend Orlens brought me here that I began to be a regular visitor.
               A lot has changed since my first visit; the management, decor, direction, but what remains the same is that it's a great location to kick back and have a smoke. There's also a pretty good restaurant in the back with live music and I always plan my visits around lunch time. The dining area is covered but open air. There are also private air-conditioned rooms upstairs for larger parties. There's also a nice humidor with a pretty good stock (it used to be better) of cigars and a room with lockers to store the cigars you buy if you can't take them all with you.
               The food in the restaurant is not bad. The filet of fish is okay but my friend had the breaded pork cutlet that was quite good. I know, it's only pork, but we're in Cuba and sometimes you gotta go with the flow. The servers are in training so be prepared for them to try and upsell you to the point of almost being annoying. Be patient, that's what they train them to do.
                The shop now has an added feature, Carlos Robaina. He has been recruited as the PR man for the place and does a wonderful job. He knows everybody and everyone knows him. I've know Carlos for years and he's a great host. It's always a pleasure to visit with him and to tell you the truth, I go more to see him than for any other reason. For those of you who don't know him, he's the son of the the late Alejandro Robaina. The manager is Osmany who's always ready with a smile and maybe if you're lucky, a cigar that is rolled in the store. If you're in the market, you should pick up some of these smokes, they're wonderful, perfectly rolled and great tasting.
                 If you have the time, I recommend paying a visit to 'Quinta y 16' at the corner of 5th Ave and 16th street, you can't miss it. Have lunch, relax, have a smoke, remember, you're in Cuba.


                                                                    The Restaurant

Carlos Robaina


House Roller

The Humidor

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