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Tuesday 2 October 2012

Ambos Mundo Hotel (rooftop patio) Havana

                  This quaint hotel is know for having housed the late Ernest Hemingway sometime in the 30's. It has been said that he wrote a couple of his famous novels during his stay there which was, off and on, for years. It sits on a prime location on Calle Obispo but my interest in this hotel at this time was the rooftop patio. Many of my fellow travellers have told me I should check it out. They said the views from the top of the hotel are fantastic and they weren't wrong. The patio was large with ceramic art scattered all around fixed to the walls. It was a nice looking patio and I enjoyed my short stay there.
                   I was on one of my walks through old Havana when I decided to check it out. I didn't go to have a meal so I can't tell you how the food is. I did however take pictures of the rather large menu so all of you could check it out. I did have a Mojito that wasn't too bad, not my worst but not my best either. I can tell you they were heavy handed with the rum. The service was prompt but there was hardly anyone there, it was around the late afternoon. The prices seemed a little on the expensive side for Cuba but it's all about location. I don't know if I would ever take a meal there. It seems to be the typical tourist restaurant and I don't usually take my meals in places like that. I would recommend checking it out for the views, it's worth a visit. Do what I did, go and have a cocktail and check out the scenery. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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