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Saturday 15 June 2013

Hermes Renier Perez (Photographic Artist) San Luis, Pinar del Rio

                   I have never met this person, nor do I have any background information on him either. I do know that he's from the small town of San Luis that lies right in the middle of Prime Tobacco growing land. These photos were given to me by someone who organizes anything having to do with the Arts in this particular part of the country. Hopefully on some future trip I might get to meet him and hear his story. For now, I hope you enjoy these few pictures of some of his works.


Asalto a dos manos (Assault with two hands)

no title

La Creciente (The growing)

Top & Bottom from a series entitled "Suenos" (Dreams)

Solitario (Solitary)

Se Diluye Como Los Suenos (It dilutes like a Dream)

Afrodita (Aphrodite)

Si fuera blaca (If it was black)

El Mejillon (The Mussel)

El Vigia (The Lookout)

Me arriesgo¿ (Do I risk it?)

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