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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Abel Galá Morejon (Pinar del Rio) Photographic Exhibit

                    I've always said that Art is everywhere in Cuba and I've on occasion mentioned a good friend of mine who gets a lot of things done for me in Pinar del Rio. These are pictures of a Photographic Exhibition called Huellas urbanas” that took place last year in Pinar del Rio. This is one of many such files that he loaded me up with. In this case the artist's name is Abel Morejón Galá. I was sent a blurb about the artist and this particular exhibition but rather than fumble with it through google translate and picking out pieces of it, I copied the translation in it's entirety below. I couldn't find anything on the internet about the artist except that he is from Pinar del Rio and a couple of sites that show some his work  if you want to check it out.

              Footprints is the living spirit of a memory that the viewer will want to convert to the memory of his own soul. The city as a Eleguá not perish, open all the paths of memory. The technique restless experimentation and creative arts is bound to one of the most meticulous Vueltabajo artists, his copious work today transcends local boundaries, accentuated with light itself in national and international arenas inspiration. Accustomed to confront recurring themes that dress color poetry, we get ready to enjoy a new proposal twisting forms to digital photography.
              The painter's craft no enclosing or simply explore new modes of expression, his creative originality is beyond the ability to discursar differently to the same viewer, with dissimilar visions of Cuba's Pinar del Rio and social reality. Abel Galá Morejon, sensitive muralist excellent draftsman and painter presents us with fifteen snapshots that reveal the capacity for synthesis and insightful compositional mastery, their teaching has offered valuable tools for timely communication with indestructible symbolic quality immense historical value and sentimental.
               Few were the times when I've been involved with so much interest in the work of an artist like this that builds and separates his work from all mercantilist banality. In his projects, both pictorial and photographic, that can be distinguished as his penchant for detail, action that exudes curiosity in poetry, art which can only be reached by light, passion and enthusiasm. The photographic image is comprised of recurring elements of our visual reality, each subject represented eternity demands a cleaner speech about the invisible man.
               Time has caught signal preserves the unit to reflect avoidable neglect and apathy, all the works illustrate the way to the deterioration and destruction of notable architectural buildings of national cultureLandscape and city's two ordinary spaces where the artist performs his first real contemplations to art, and it is there where also choose to shoot and reveal to the viewer, fragments of reality that are often ignored. The urban environment is inspiring footprint Abel, intensely evocative visual chronicler reflects urban decay, scenarios where it penetrates daily from monumental fragments, like pieces of a complex puzzle.
                His photographic approaches act as a delicate work of collecting nostalgic but uninhibited time in his young memory serves, of course, the memory of the other, the spectator who is able to perceive a familiar scenario there, apprehending universal, everyday and private. As silent Quijote offers a fresh look at city life, groping various ways trying to get away from the conventional belief in the importance and sacredness of the image, as an essential vehicle to translate emotions.
                 In the compositional structuring his works retain large cluster of feelings, the color comes from the action field will play free gaze purifies the essential vision of ruin and distress that mark urban decay as heartbreaking irony. From the intimacy of the space moving lines announce that light is doing over time.
                 Huellas Urbanas, vigorously renews the language of the urban landscape in Pinar del Rio. Contemplate the unseen from a mystical experience, part of the perfect, his inspiration lives in peace these deserts as the savior of identity; special aesthetic attitude directed towards the gravitation of the impossible, resurrection without metamorphosis, as a solid workaround for an apparent depth dialogue in the night in a state of grace, coined by the divine hand of Abel.
An ardent lover of his city, Abelito enroll in a unique way within this artistic tradition that has made photography a surefire way to address social problems, from acute to respond to your personal ethical view method.
                In his creations reflect the daily events from a critical perspective, sincere and thoughtful: lights and shadows that cause lights to cast shadows, as symbols doors that open and close, process and setbacks, the story of an ancient city...  His works are characterized by poetic testimony leave their personal experiences, allowing you to achieve a hallmark in Pinar del Rio visual creation. It captures the light with intelligence, clarity and a particular sensitivity denoting professional maturity.
                The color and shapes take over the space, revealing him as an artist with personality, forged with talent, imagination and originality, cast anchor in the convulsive waters of contemporary reality.
Owner of a new artistic language that works as a bridge between painting and photography, deploys a discourse with sharp precision, irony and rich sense of humor, to pay generously authentic grounds of this artistic creation. Huellas Urbanas' Artist requires legitimation of contemporary creation, has called us to discover the art from the beauty.


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  2. Hallo, I am Abel Morejón Galá. At the moment I am in Germany doing a cultural project. I am the author of the images which appear in this blog. Please, can you contact me to I would like to know some things about this publication. Thank you!