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Friday 10 October 2014

Juan Lopez 'Ideales' Edición Regional Austria 2011 (cigar review)

                 This cute little box of cigars was given to me as a gift for my birthday this past August in Havana by a good friend of mine. What better place to smoke one (and I did)...but I don't review cigars in Cuba. I smoked one recently after I got home from my trip and these are my thoughts.
                 The cigar weighs in at 50 x 102 (4") and is considered a Petit Robusto, a great size when you don't have a lot of time to smoke a cigar. They were released in 2011 in numbered slide boxes of 10 cigars....2,500 boxes were made.
                 Looking at the cigar it was veinless and bumpy with a little give when squeezed....the cap was a bit mushy. I got chocolate from the first draw and the draw seemed to be good. A little bit into the cigar I started picking up cedar flavours. By the time I got to about 3/4" mark the burn was off and so I touched it up when I got to the first inch. The burn continued to be off throughout the cigar and I found myself continually touching it up.
                Overall it was a medium bodied cigar that didn't change much in flavour until the last third. At that point it began to pick-up strength and became earthy. A very uncomplicated cigar, easy to smoke and perfect for a short time frame. Is it ready to smoke? I don't think time is going to make this cigar any better but it may take a bit of the edge off the last third. I enjoyed this cigar and thank my friend Kolja for gifting them to me.

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