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Friday, 20 February 2015

Ramon Allones Superiores LCDH Exclusivo 2010 (Cigar Review)

               This cigar was originally released in 2010, 5000 boxes of 10 cigars each were produced. However, although it's not written on my go-to site for Cuban Cigar info, I'm assuming this is a re-release because this box was dated April 2013. The Cigar is considered a Corona Gorda and weighs in at 46 x 143 (5.6").
               I bought this box in Havana about a year ago. I've smoked a couple in the past and remembered them being pretty good, so when I saw a 2013 box, at that price, I snatched it up.
               The one I picked out of the box to smoke was as hard as a rock but had a perfect draw after all. The first half inch gave me an even burn with flavours of chocolate and earth, it was mild to medium in strength. Once I reached the first inch it was more earthy and was getting a little bitter. A little more into the smoke at it was earthy with grass. The bitterness had left by now and it picked up a bit of strength. The burn was absolutely perfect and I flicked the ash around the half way mark...smoking indoors, I didn't want to make a mess.
               Past the half the cigar started to mellow out again. In general it wasn't even remotely strong at any time. The burn went slightly off  and with a third of the smoke remaining it picked up strength again. Smoked it to near the end.
               A gem of a cigar that could use a little time in the humidor. It cost me 57.50cuc in Cuba, how could I go wrong. Now I have to resist not to smoke them all before their time. If you see any when you're in Cuba, pick them up, definitely a good buy. However, with what I've been hearing, you won't find this in Havana....Varadero is a better bet.

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