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Tuesday 3 March 2015

Partagas Store (Havana) Update March 2015

                  The Partagas Store has got to be the most Prestigious of all the Cigar Shops in Havana or Cuba for that matter. Location has a lot to do with it I'm sure, being situated in the heart of the major tourist traffic in Old Havana. It would be a convenient place to take groups when out on tours of this part of the city, which is inevitably where tourists mostly come. However, there's also a side of the Partagas Shop that's been around since the time of the previous store manager, Abel Esposito. A family of Aficionados were formed during that time that intermingled with the staff and everyone sort of became one big family....for a number of years now.
                  A lot has happened since then, times have changed, people have aged. Abel has been gone from the store for about 3 years now, some of our family have passed away while others have left, then there are the ones that can no longer do what God gave them the gift to do. La China hasn't rolled a cigar in several months. I knew her arthritis was bothering her more these last couple of years, a reason why Hamlet was brought on help out with the rolling, but now Hamlet's gone as well. Apparently the word is he's left to work for Rocky Patel in Florida and it's been said everyone knows. So who is rolling? Good question, hopefully I can have an answer when I travel there this coming May.
                  Regardless of the changes, Grecia does an excellent job as the store manager continuing in the traditions that she's inherited. Even though we've had new additions to the family we continue to return to our home away from home and spend some quality time with As always, I'm looking forward to my next visit and have started counting down the days. Until that time, here are some pictures of  my most current visits this past Sept. and Nov.

'La Casa del Habano'
Calle Industria no.52,
Havana, Cuba
Tel: +537 862 3772

La China with 'Bebe' in Nov.2014

Grecia Quiñones (current manager)

Abel Esposito 

La China (The way I like to remember her...taken several years ago)

Hamlet (at the Partagas Encuentro Nov.2013)

Hamlet (at the Partagas Encuentro Nov.2014)