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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sia Kara Cafe (Havana) Restaurant & Bar

                    I tried finding this place on my own once but the address is deceiving. The address says Calle Industria but the restaurant entrance is on Calle Barcelona as the building is on the corner of the two streets.
                    I have to say that I really didn't come here to eat a meal, I came to have a dessert so I could check the place out. It's funky looking and suited for a night crowd as I'm sure this place is hopping in the later hours with the live jazz playing starting in the late afternoon (I've read). The decor is silly and it makes me think that it's set up for an eclectic clientele. There's a small lounge-like area with couches upstairs but otherwise it's not a large space. They serve food but the selections are limited, the menu is posted on a chalkboard on one of their walls. I don't know if I would have much more than a snack to go with my drink here but it looks like a cool place to listen to jazz while I'm smoking my cigar...they allowed me to smoke while I was there. The entrance is right on the street as with most places in Old Havana. I will return for the night shift one day soon, in the meantime, below are some pictures I took while I was there.

Sia Kara Cafe
Calle Industria no 502
Esquina Calle Barcelona
tel. (5) 5157575

Bloody Caesar 

Upstairs Lounge Area

Food Menu

Drink Menu

The Chef?


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