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Friday 1 June 2018

Hotel Sevilla Cigar Shop (Havana) 2018

                     Most cigar smokers that come to Havana don't know that this Cigar Shop exists. I make a habit of visiting this shop at least once while I'm wandering around Old Havana. It used to be that I might have found a nugget of a box of cigars here at one time but lately I've been disappointed. However, they still sell an unusually large amount of single cigars here (approx.50)....that is to say that they have many boxes open in the display cabinets with the intent of selling them as singles. If you're not sure what cigar you might like, this is a chance to try a few before buying a box. The only other Cigar Shop that I know of that has more singles available is the Hotel Habana Libre LCDH. This shop is located to the side of the hotel where are the stores are, you can enter this area from Prado.

Hotel Mercure Sevilla Havana
Calle Trocadero #55 e/ Prado y Zulueta

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