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Saturday 13 April 2019

El Baturro Restaurant (Habana Vieja) An Ancient Eatery

                    You might ask yourself, after having read other restaurant reviews that I've posted on this Blog.....Why this place? I've always been fascinated with this restaurant, not that I would ever come here for a meal but because of it's historical value. I came here a few times during my last trip to Havana just to have a beer or two and chat with the bartender. They had the coldest beer in the city.
                    It's situated on the fringe of the tourist area, not far from the Cuban Central Railway Station. Fomualdo Lalueza, a Spanish wholesaler and importer, lived in the house that was this building in 1919. He used the space as a warehouse, coffee shop & diner that he called "El Baturro". In 1944 his business imported Spanish wines, liquor and other products. At one time it was a Spanish Style Tavern serving up good quality traditional Spanish food but today it's more Cuban and not very good. I never see anyone having a meal in this place, nor does it invite you to come in and try, especially with all the options available today and within walking distance....I feel bad for the bartender-waiter, another reason why I came here a few times. If you happen to be walking by, you can't miss the huge sign, pop in for a cold beer and give the guy a little business. Don't be afraid, it's safe and maybe a little interesting.

Restaurant El Baturro
Egido (Monserrate) #661 e/ Jesus Maria y Merced
La Habana Vieja (Old Havana)
Tel: +53 7 8609078  +53 7 8624539
Open noon-midnight

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