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Tuesday 29 October 2019

Art Exhibit (Hotel Melia Cohiba) Havana

                     I almost always pop into the Hotel Melia Cohiba to visit the LCDH on the second floor. While there, I'll walk the entire public space and take a picture of each of the paintings hanging on the walls. They're on display and for sale, no price posted, only the contact information. They don't even display the names of the artists, the ones I posted I recognize.

Hotel Melia Cohiba
Ave. Paseo entre 1ª y 3ª
Vedado, Havana

Mabel Poblet

Alberto Sautua

Harold Lopez Munoz

Luis Enrique Camejo

Zaida del Rio

Gustavo Cesar Echevarria (Cuty)

Flora Fong

Manuel Mendive

Angel Eusebio Rivero (Andy)

Angel Eusebio Rivero (Andy)

Angel Eusebio Rivero (Andy)

Luis E. Camejo

Dorian Arguelles

Carlos Quintana

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