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Monday 11 May 2020

Ampy Restaurant (Havana) The Best Hamburger in Town

                  I've driven by this place many times often wondering what kind of a restaurant it was. The sign caught my eye, it looked like the logo for the Oakland Athletics baseball team. After some time, friends of mine that had gone to eat there, raved about their burgers. Sometimes I get a craving for a burger, regardless of how bad they are for your health.
                  The place is not very big, it's on the ground floor of a small apartment building. It looks to me like it may have been the garage at one time, now converted into a restaurant. There are about 20 seats inside with another 10 on their patio. It's not considered a restaurant, it's a cafe and therefore not allowed to sell alcohol.....however, wink wink, ask you shall receive, in limited variety. They may be a cafe but the menu says otherwise. The 'Cafe' has a decent selection of appetizers, as well as pizza, pasta and main courses, including chicken, ribs, pork and ropa vieja. Of course, they also have hamburgers, what they're better known for and what I came for.
                  I didn't go for an appetizer, I knew it would end up being too much, I had the burger loaded with cheese and bacon. It was the best burger that I've had in Cuba, even better than the one I had at the Hotel Parque Central. I wasn't bloated, there was no abundance of onion or garlic and the bacon was real bacon. Very little fat in the meat and it didn't come back to haunt me all afternoon. The only complaint, they were out of french fries and substituted them with fried plantain. While writing this post I realized I paid $2.50 for a few fried plantains....look at the pic below and tell me what you think. My wife had a Greek Salad minus the lettuce, what can I say about that.
                  The service was pleasant and efficient, one waiter handling the whole place, there were only 3 tables occupied at the time. The decor has been simply and tastefully laid out to give it a 'cafe' or roadhouse kind of feel. By my standards, I found it reasonably priced, minus the plantains. Be prepared to wait for your meal, the burger took a while before it got to our table. The next time I have a craving for a burger while I'm in Havana, this is where I will come.

PS.....They are not open throughout the day, I think they close at 3pm. I suggest you call ahead before going over. If you're staying in the old part of Havana, it's a long way to go for a burger. If you're staying along the outer edges Vedado or within Miramar districts, it's worth the trip.

Ampy Cafe
Calle 30 #2501 E,
Playa, La Habana, Cuba
Phone: +53 7 2096605

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