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Sunday 10 May 2020

Calle Lamparilla (Habana Vieja) Havana

               It begins on Calle Oficios near the Plaza San Francisco and ends at Calle Monserrate. One end, beginning near the waterfront next to the Lonja del Comercio building, is much nicer than the other end. It houses several restaurants, one of which, Lamparilla Tapas Y Cervezas #361, is one of my favourites, many rental houses & businesses. The loveliest corner in my opinion is at Calle Mercaderes where you'll find a small parkette, the Hotel Conde de Villanueva and the Hogar Materno Infantil hospital. There will be construction both big and small along this street.

Casa de Cambio

Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Hogar Materno Infantil

Oh! Habana Restaurant

Lamparilla Tapas Y Cervezas #361 Restaurant

Iglesia del Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje

Calle Monserrate

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