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Friday 2 November 2012

Cohiba Piramide Extra (cigar review)

                   Well, this is the cigar I've been waiting for. It's been months that I've been waiting to get a hold of this stick. I know it's probably way to early to smoke this cigar but I want to know what it's like. Don't you? The vitola is called a Piramide Extra which at first glance looks almost like a Rudolfo which would be the Muralla by San Cristobal, it was discontinued last year. The Cohiba is the same ring gauge but an inch shorter, no matter, an elegant looking cigar just the same. The Cohiba is 54 x 160 (6.3") and comes in boxes of 10. I'm almost certain they're available at this time in Cuba but I don't know how much they sell for. I'm sure they're not cheap. I'll know in a couple of weeks when I travel back to Havana. The one I smoked for this review was handed out at the Habanos Festival last February and gifted to me by a friend. This would be the first and only regular release of this vitola for Cohiba. I don't have the details of the leaf in this cigar but it's always the best of the best, hence the heavy price tag.
                     Before cutting this cigar I took a whiff of the foot and got a bit of manure, I love it. It's as hard as a rock but I'm not worried. They always use the best rollers for these cigars and I was almost sure it would be fine. The wrapper was light coloured, a bit bumpy and a little veiny. I found that unusual but it's only the second one I see close up. Tasted molasses on the pre-light draw and it seemed draw fine.
                     Once lit, the initial puffs told me there was just a slight bit of resistance, otherwise very smokeable. The flavours actually surprised me, picked up some subtle notes of tea with a hint of wood. Decided to drink some Zacapa 15 year Rum which went quite well with this smoke. The burn was just a bit off so I touched it up. I consider this a mild smoke and very smooth. Once I touched up this cigar, it burned evenly almost until the end.
                     Once past the first quarter I was picking up mushrooms and earth with that hint of wood coming through. I was about to flick the ash but decided to see how firm it was. I stood the cigar up by it's ash and it stayed on it's own. That kind of stuff impresses me...great roll, great ash. Once I flicked the ash, it left me a nice cone. A sign of a perfect roll. As I'm nearing the first half the woodiness is more evident and the cigar continues to be mild and smooth.
                     Past the first half and the cigar doesn't change very much, just picked up a tiny hint of floral which lasted just a couple of draws. At about the last third the burn was off and I touched it up. It was burning a little hotter through the middle at this time.
                     Last quarter and it began to pick up strength but was still tasting very smooth. Earth and wood begin to come through now dominating the flavour profile. This is when I liked this cigar best. This moment didn't last long but could be what it may become with some age. Not long after that the cigar began to turn on me until I finally put it down.
                     I knew before lighting this cigar that it was to early to smoke but I wanted to see how it's tasting now before buying some to age. You never know how a cigar is going to be years down the road so the question is..."Is it worth the money to hope this cigar will be something great?". To be honest, I don't know how much they cost but can guess they would be about $30 per cigar in Cuba. I liked this cigar now and I'm betting on loving them in the future. I'm almost certain this release will probably be the better one to buy.


  1. I smoked 2 more after this and both were fantastic.
    Smoking well, now, but a couple of years will turn
    this into a much better smoke.