Robaina's plantation

Sunday 18 November 2012

Pinar del Rio (TODAY)

              Hello from Pinar del Rio. Everything and everyone is fine. The tobacco plants have been in the ground now for two to three weeks, depending on the plantion. Hurricane Sandy had no effect on Pinar del Rio and her treasure. It rained the other day but nothing major that could damage the crops. I found Hiroshi Robaina in good spirits and happy with the way things have been going the last while with his farm. As usual he had visitors from outside the country, Japan this time. I was also lucky to find his father, Carlos, visiting from Havana. Those of you who don't know, Carlos is the PR man at the Habanos LCDH at Quinta y 16. Tomorrow I'll be going to the Partagas shop to meet my friends from around the world and sign in for the Partagas Encuentro. Signing off for now but will be posting soon. I hope you enjoy the pics.

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  1. Hello Matteo,
    This is Rio from Japan, we met in Vegas Robaina farm.
    If you have a time, please send me our photos.
    You know my email address, right?
    Have a nice smoke!