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Thursday 15 November 2012

Partagas (the store) What's Happening Today??

                    Just arrived here in Havana yesterday Nov.14. Today I went to the Partagas store to visit my friends and see what's happening after all the turmoil. Everyone's doing fine and busy preparing for the Encuentro. I just found out that one of my favourite people at Partagas is no longer working here. Jose has left for Spain and I'm sorry to see him go but hope all is well with him and his family. I met Rene, the new provisional director of the store. People are saying only good things about him and I for one wish him the best. I found out that he hasn't finished at RyJ yet and still hasn't been formally hired for the position at Partagas. I imagine the 'powers that be' are waiting to see how the next couple of weeks go. As far as Abel goes....nobody has seen or heard from him. I was sad to hear that.
                    The Encuentro will not start on Monday as it usually does, they moved the first event to the tuesday. I had a wonderful conversation with La China as she was rolling Lanceros for the festivities and I'm looking forward to smoking one.
                     Tomorrow I'm off to Pinar del Rio and won"t be signing in for a few days. Will post something special in a few days when I get back from visiting various plantations.

Ps.............I was going to add more pictures but the wifi is sooooooo sloooowwww right now.

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