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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Cohiba Behike 56 (cigar review) Box Date Nov.2012

             What can say about this's a beauty. I haven't had a bad one yet, maybe too young but never a bad one. It's been very obvious that extra attention is put into rolling these cigars and only the best rollers get to roll them in any of the factories where they're being produced. This cigar is no exception. For those of you who don't know, this Double Robusto T, or factory name Laguito No.6,  weighs in at 56 x 166 (6.5"). Only the finest tobacco leaves from the best farms in Pinar del Rio are chosen. Besides the leaf being aged for years before rolling, the Behike contains an added feature, the addition of the Medio Tiempo leaf that grows on only a small percentage of the tobacco plants and only a couple of leaves to each of those plants on the very top. I was told by one of the directors in Havana that this leaf was used in all cigars prior to the revolution. It adds another dimension to the smoke.
               Looking at this cigar, I've seen better Behikes. The wrapper was veinless but a little bumpy. There was a vein showing coming from the band and making it's way to the cap. The cap itself had a perfectly rolled pigtail. It was a light brown colour (colorado) and as hard as a rock. The pre-light draw gave me cedar, nutmeg and a little spice.
               Once lit, after the first few draws, I picked up cafe latte, cedar and a hint of earth...I also tasted a little black pepper on the tongue. The burn was almost perfect but I had only started smoking. After getting over the initial settling down process, this was an extremely smooth cigar. Nearing the first inch, the burn was perfect and I would say this was a medium body cigar. Just picked up a hint of toasted espresso beans for a moment. Nearing the end of the first quarter and I'm picking up tea but the cedar has been dominant throughout so far. The burn is still straight.
               Not much to tell about the second quarter. Picked up some sweetness, maple syrup, for a few minutes. The draw has been absolutely flawless up to this point and I don't see that changing (it never did). I was smoking this cigar indoors so I flicked the ash at about the halfway point, I didn't want to make a mess. It seemed like the ash could have hung on longer, it was solid when I flicked it.
               The third quarter brought me back the earth tones. There was a little crack in the wrapper but it didn't affect the smoke. I peeled off a little piece of the wrapper but eventually the burn line passed over the crack as it didn't go any further. Once again wood took over but the earth tones remained.
                Last quarter the earth flavours take over again and the cigar begins to pick up strength. The burn is a bit off and I eventually touch it up with my torch. It's an earthy woody finish and getting much stronger with black pepper on my lips. It began to get a bit harsh and that's when I put it down. I wanted to be left with some good memories.
               It was a great tasting cigar, very smooth, a pleasure to smoke. Some people think that for the money it doesn't deliver enough strength. In my opinion, what it lacks in strength it makes up for in flavour. Although not very strong, there's never a time that there isn't a flavour there to identify. It may be the same flavours throughout the cigar but they change in degree from one part of the cigar to the other. This cigar can lay down a little longer, that's for sure (being only from 2012), but it's smoking really well right now. I wouldn't hesitate to smoke another in the near future if the occasion arises. Is it worth the money? It's the question I always ask for a higher priced cigar. It will be for some but not for others. I will always have some in my humidor.


  1. Fascinated cigars.
    Unfortunately I don't know English and Spanish. Google translates automatically.

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    Good luck to you

  2. Hi!
    Yo vivo en Rusia en la península de Kamchatka, en el extremo más alejado de los volcanes y géiseres.
    Fascinado por sus cigarros.
    Desafortunadamente no sé Inglés y Español. Google traduce automáticamente.

    Ahora mira de cerca a su sitio se puede tener la oportunidad de vender cigarros. Me gustaría comprar para tratar sus amigos.
    Buena suerte

  3. I'm sorry Igor but I don't sell cigars, I only smoke them.

  4. The structure on this cigar is perfect. It’s wrapper with a silky hue pooled with a lovely ponytail at the end of the triple cap make the cigar look appealing.