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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Partagas Culebra (cigar review)

                  I don't know how old this (these) cigar is...they were selling them as singles at the Partagas Store in Havana this past May and I couldn't resist picking one up. My guess is that it's pretty current. It smoked that way anyway. I don't understand how someone can roll this cigar, let alone make it so that it can be smoked. Inspecting the cigars closely, they're obviously rolled a bit looser so they become pliable and can be twisted into their final position. So well can they possibly smoke? Surprisingly, except for being just a tad loose, they smoked rather well. I was the first to question how this smoke was going to turn out. There was talk that they were going to be discontinued but I'm still waiting for the word. They were machine made until 2005 and hand made since 2007. This cigar is a 39 x 146 (5.7").
                   The pre-light draw gave me lots of wood. The wrapper was a little darker, oily and veinless. Once lit I picked up wood with a hint of floral notes, medium to strong body and dry. The draw was actually very I said, a little loose but not too bad at all. A big rustic earthiness took over after a few drags. The burn was also surprisingly good and not just with two friends were also having the same experience with theirs. I only smoked one of these one other time and remember having the same experience.
                   By the time I got to the first quarter I found the hints of floral coming and going but only faintly and the cigar had gone out a couple of times and had to be relit. I was having a problem because I usually smoke my cigars quickly but if I did that with this cigar it would burn hot (being so loosely rolled), by my smoking slower it had a tendency of going out. Went out again by the time I reached the half and after flicking the ash I noticed it was burning hotter through the middle so of course I touched it up. It's earthier now but otherwise the flavour hasn't changed much. The floral notes are a little more prevalent now past the half and I'm picking up hints of nutmeg.
                  So it continued like this to the end. I put it down at about the last quarter since it was beginning to take on some bitterness. I did however take a few drags through my dinner but at this point I considered it done like dinner. In conclusion....yes, I enjoyed it but as something different. Would I buy a box? No, but I would buy another single to share with 2 friends one day when I'm looking for something a little different. In my opinion it's a bit of a novelty. It doesn't taste too bad so it's not a terrible experience, quite fun actually. I enjoyed smoking them together with people I chose. I picked a great night; steak dinner at a friends house, good wine and rum with the usual 2 guys I smoke with. As far as my opinion on the actual seemed young and needed a couple of years to mature. It was a little rough around the edges but quite smokeable. If you ever have the opportunity, at least pick one up to share with a couple of friends. It's worth a try. It will definitely surprise you.




  1. 100% agree with Matteo about this vitola!
    Not a big deal, but fun enough to be shared sometimes.
    Take care,

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  3. This is truly social cigar. And it is very tasty, stronger than expected.