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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ramon Allones 'Especial de Allones' Edicion Regional Francia 2008 (cigar review)

                I received this cigar through a trade with a friend who lives in Germany along the French border (or the other way around). Convenient, he's able to get me Regionals from France and Germany. This cigar was released in 2008, 2800 numbered boxes of 10 and 25 cigars were produced. This Campana weighs in at 52 x 140 (5 1/2"). I had this cigar after a Steak dinner accompanied by rice & black beans & yuka. I had one of my favourite wines, an Amarone by Zenato followed by a Santiago de Cuba Anejo Rum afterwards.
                Squeezing this cigar, I find it soft in a couple of spots. It makes me wonder how it's going to draw. Otherwise, a veinless cigar with a pointy cap. The pre-light draw gave me wood and tea. Once lit I picked up wood and straw. The burn was a little off and the draw, to my surprise, was a little firm. Once I got a little ways into this cigar it was tasting pretty mild with grassy notes and hints of earth and wood. The burn straightened itself out. By the time I got to the first quarter I picked up a hint of chocolate and the ash fell on it's own. It was definitely a mild smoke.
                 Nearing the half, the cigar is still mild and hasn't changed much. There's a little bitterness creeping in and I'm looking at a flaky ash. Passing the halfway mark the bitterness disappears but the flavour still hasn't changed. The last quarter is dominated by earthy flavours and it begins to pick up strength. It tastes great for a few minutes before I put it down, probably the best it's tasted throughout.
                 This cigar tasted like it was pretty good to go but could probably still change into something better down the road. I have one saved to try later on. It wasn't an overly exciting smoke but it doesn't mean it was bad either. It was pleasant all the way through and gave me no taste or burn issues and in my book that's a big deal. Worth a try if you can find one.

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