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Friday 26 December 2014

Bolivar Super Coronas Edicion Limitada 2014 (cigar review)

               This is the last of the 3 Edicion Limitadas of 2014 that I try and I have to say that in my opinion this has been one of the best years, if not the best year, of EL releases. One better than the other and this Bolivar is no exception. I expected to find this cigar and the other 2 while I was in Havana this past November but none of them were available. What I have discovered since coming back is that you can find them pretty much everywhere else on the planet, here in Canada as well. Of course that's not in Cuban prices.
                 This cigar weighs in at 48 x 140 (5.5"), that would make it a Grand Corona. It was released within the last couple of months (depending on where you live) in boxes of 25 cigars. I don't know how many were produced.
                This cigar has a dark wrapper and is kinda bumpy all over, the cap included. It was hard to the touch with a couple of soft spots. The prelight draw gave me light cedar, the draw was excellent even after lighting. Once lit, big wood and earth with chocolate undertones. Off the hop I have to say this seems like it's going to be a wonderful smoke. The burn is a bit off as I'm reaching the first inch and it's turning out to be a medium to strong bodied smoke.
                 Nearing the half I flick the ash so it doesn't drop on my friends floor only to have it drop on it's own anyway a half an inch later (that was odd). This cigar, so far, has been a great smoke, very Bolivar-like flavours. Most of the Regionals and ELs Cigar Brands that are used for these cigars don't follow their usual signature ligas. The burn had straightened itself out before reaching the half but now past the half it's off again so I touched it up this time. It's pretty much maintained this flavour profile all the way through with hints of toasted coffee bean and dark chocolate creeping in now and then. It gets a little bitter and stronger during the last quarter and at one point I flick the ash because I can see it's burning hotter through the middle. It had gone out by then so I had to do a relight. I was still able to smoke it until I couldn't hold on to it any longer. That last piece surprised me...I thought after that relight it was going to be bitter but the flavour remained the same. That's incredible for such a young cigar.
                 In conclusion, I have to get me some and I would recommend the same for you. Although they claim the leaf in this cigar has been aged 2 years (which allows it to be remotely approachable), it still needs some time to age. This is going to be an exceptional smoke a couple of years down the road. Of course, this is only my opinion.....

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