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Saturday 6 December 2014

Vegueros Tapados (cigar review) Current Release

                These cigars were not very popular when more of them were in production but once they discontinued the line for a year and talked about a change and repackaging, all of a sudden everyone was interested in them (myself included). The Vegueros line started in 1997 with 4 vitolas and was discontinued in 2012. It didn't really sell too well. They were more on the stronger side back then (a little too rough for my tastes), the newer ones are made more on the milder to medium range. They were slated to be released in 2013 but didn't come out until just a few weeks ago. They're all sold in either cardboard packs of 3 or in a metal tin of 16 cigars. The ones I purchased were a 3 pack of the 'Tapados' which weigh in at 46 x 120 (4.7"). I don't know when it was packaged but they had just been released maybe only several weeks before....Sept.-Oct. 2014.
                 All 3 of these cigars were rolled exceptionally well. All as hard as a rock but once clipped and lit they all had a perfect draw. Smooth wrapper, light coloured, few if any imperfections. It was just a really good looking cigar that happen to have a Vegueros band on it. Priced a little cheaper, I really wasn't expecting much from it but there it was.
                 So now it's lit, the draw is great and the burn is spot on well into smoke. It's big on wood with a bit of a creaminess to it. A quarter of the way through and a little earth tries to creep in. Near the half I flick the ash (smoking indoors) otherwise it could have held on. The flavours don't change much, this is a mild to medium bodied smoke.
                 Past the half this is still an easy cigar to smoke, still quite smooth. The burn begins to be a bit off at this point but certainly not affecting the flavour. It begins to pickup strength through the last quarter. Stopped when it became difficult to hold.
                 Excellent for what it was. The construction was better than with some of the more expensive cigars. There is definitely a time in the day for this cigar. Will always have some with me in my travel humidor. You have to try them, do what I did, buy a 3 pack of the vitola you like. The other 2 vitolas are the Petit Robusto & the Petit Pyramide.


  1. Best blog on cigar i have ever read. This cigar looks so much attractive. I am a chain smoker. So when i carry cigar i need some pack to protect them. I thing joint container will be the best for my cigar. What do you think about it.

    1. Try this one