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Monday 8 December 2014

Hotel Melia Cohiba Art Gallery (Havana)

                I love coming to this hotel, besides the excellent La Casa del Habano one floor up, it also has quite a collection of Art on display. At any given time, on this same floor in-between the various restaurants and the cigar shop, 40-50 pieces of art are hung on the walls or sit on stands or freely on the floor...and that's just on this floor. It's Cuba so obviously you can smoke in the cigar shop but just in case it's too crowded or smokey, you can also sit on the comfortable couches just outside the shop to have your drink and cigar...and admire the art.

Hotel Melia Cohiba
Ave. Paseo entre 1ª y 3ª Vedado
Tel: (53) 7 8333636

Flora Fong

Cuty Ragazzone

Alejandro Sainz Alfonso

Ruben Rodriguez


Manuel Alvarez 'Lolo'

Vladimir de Leon Llaguno

unknown artists

Mabel Poblet

Ruben Fernandez (3 in one painting)

Aviva Aguiar Perez

Fidel Mico

Zaida del Rio

unknown artist

Sergio Hernandez Moliner

Alberto Lago

Alejandro Gomez Canga

Ernesto Garcia Pena

unknown artist

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