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Thursday 21 January 2016

Conde de Villanueva LCDH (Havana) Nov.2015

                      November is the month of the Cigar Aficionado in Havana. The third week of this month every year for more than a decade, is when the Partagas Encuentro takes place. Many converge on the city at various times during the month with the majority being the week of the Encuentro. Besides participating in the Encuentro's events many of us go to our favourite cigar shop or shops and do some buying, have a smoke, hang around, see who else might drop in and maybe do this in a few shops throughout the day. It's a great way to spend an afternoon if you enjoy smoking cigars. One of those shops that's within walking distance of the Partagas Shop is the Conde de Villanueva. I had the pleasure of visiting several times before during and after the Encuentro this past November. It's a great spot to meet up with some fellow BOTL and share in something special that the shop is featuring this month. They always have something special going on for the Encuentro knowing that many of the people that come for Partagas also come to see Reynaldo and Jorge, two of the best rollers in the city. This shop is known worldwide for the quality cigars that are rolled here with a unique blend that is preferred by the seasoned cigar smoker. They've always had different vitolas leaning towards the large and always packing a huge punch. The last few years has shown an increase in large sizes and also some milder blends for us guys that found their cigars a bit too strong. I tried a couple of their vitolas while I was there and they didn't disappoint. If you're ever strolling through Old Havana, drop in and say hello for me. Go straight through to the courtyard and up the stairs to your can't miss it.

Conde de Villanueva
Calle Mercaderes 202 esq. Lamparilla
Habana Vieja, La Habana


  1. Love that spot. Always visit for a puff when I'm in Havana. Thanks for posting!