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Wednesday 6 January 2016

Hector Luis Prieto Plantation (Pinar del Rio) Cuba Nov.2015 Visit

                  For me, no trip to Cuba is complete without visiting the Vuelta Abajo region in Pinar del Rio Province and most times I pass by Hector's farm in the San Juan y Martinez area where the best tobacco in world is grown. The last time I was here, about 6 months earlier, Hector had his leg in a cast after breaking it falling off one of his horses. This time the cast was off and although there were some complications it had healed sufficiently enough for him to be able to get around without the help of anything or anybody and I found Hector in good spirits. A busload of people from France were there at the same time enjoying a planned tour and were about to sit down for the meal that comes with the tour package. I have known Hector for a number years and am considered more than just a passing tourist. I was able to sit down with him as I usually do and converse with him about a number topics, most of which had nothing to do with tobacco. He was sitting with another friend from Havana who had also come to visit and our 3 way conversation got quite animated when it began to revolve around politics. They were curious about my point of view on the renewed relationship between the US and Cuba. That conversation will remain private.
                  Miquel was still there rolling the cigars for Hector and his ability to roll some of the best cigars I've had the pleasure of smoking has not waned. The last time I was here they had almost completed building a Casa next to the Ranchon that could accommodate visitors wanting to spend the night on a Cuban Tobacco farm. The Casa is now complete as you can see from the pictures. It has 4 beds, it's own bathroom, a balcony with table and chairs and a wonderful view of the tobacco fields. Being mid November, they hadn't planted yet so the view was not as exciting as it would be in January when the plants will be about 2 meters tall. I stayed long enough to smoke a Corona Gorda and then made my way to another farm to visit some more friends.

Hector with his English speaking guide

Curing Barn

The Ranchon

Miquel the House Roller

The Casa ready for renting to tourists

The Casa's Patio

View of what will be the Tobacco fields from the Casa's patio

Entrance to the treasure trove that's not so hidden

Treasure Chest


  1. Great post..... Missed ya for awhile.

  2. I need to visit Mr. Prieto next time I'm on the island; I have yet to go to his farm and it looks like a must-visit. Thanks for posting the pictures!

  3. Are the chickens still running across the diner table ? LOL . Great spot. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it Clinton