Robaina's plantation

Friday 8 January 2016

H.Upmann Magnum 56 Edición Limitada 2015 (my thoughts)

                  I call this 'my thoughts' because I've never really thought of myself as a good reviewer even though some people have told me otherwise.
                  This cigar was given to me during the 'Partagas Encuentro' at a time when it hadn't been released yet or at least not released everywhere. It's considered a Double Robusto weighing in at 56 x 150 (5.9") and will be sold (or is being sold) in slide boxes of 25 cigars. At first glance it's Maduro Like in colour. The wrapper is oily and smooth with very little to no veins showing. The burn started out even and continued that way almost to the end where I did a couple of touch-ups that weren't really necessary. The first mouthfuls of smoke were a little bitter, maduro like, but that settled down almost right away making way for a more Upmann like flavour profile of wood, earth and leather. It was very similar in taste to a 2012 Regalia that I recently smoked with a similar coloured wrapper.
                   For most people I believe they would consider this a medium to strong bodied cigar but for my taste I found it to be a solid medium body with a lot of substance. Being indoors and not wanting to mess-up my friend's house, I flicked the ash....otherwise it would have held on much longer. After flicking the ash a lovely cone was left behind revealing to me that this cigar was wonderfully constructed. Considering that this was recently rolled, it was quite smooth and although it picked up a bit of strength on the last third, it never really turned on me and I was able to smoke it right down to the end.
                It's smoking well now but I believe this cigar has a lot of potential and in a few years will turn into a fantastic smoke. If you get the opportunity I would suggest buying some of these before they disappear. In my opinion this is a very good to excellent EL release.