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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hector Luis Farm (Pinar del Rio)

                      A visit to the Hector Luis farm in Pinar del Rio is almost a must when I spend more than week in Cuba and my last trip a couple of months ago was one of those times. I've known Hector for a few years now and his roller Miquel even longer. The last time I came here the year before he had almost completed a project he was working on, a structure that could sleep about 4 people. That project is now complete and if you have any interest in staying on farm for a a day or more, he is now open for business. This time they were digging up a chunk of earth below the patio with the intent of creating another space for sitting, relaxing and reflecting on life.....of course while smoking one of his famous cigars. As with many times during my visits here I bumped into a Facebook friend from Canada who was there with a couple of friends. What a coincidence, I was talking to him just a couple of weeks before. It was his first time here and he was absolutely in awe and I don't blame him, I never get tired of coming to the countryside. The weather was once again terrible during this year's growing season (too much rain) and many growers had to plant (or replant) their tobacco later than usual. Their misfortune was our luck as we were able to see the tobacco in the barns which otherwise would not have been there. Hector has almost 100% recovered from his fall off a horse last year but with an injury this severe it will bother him for the rest of his life. Otherwise, everything's fine and as usual the place was busy with a busload of tourists from France. If you're a cigar smoker you owe it to yourself to take a trip to Pinar del Rio and see where the journey begins.



Oswaldo is the guide on the farm who speaks several languages

curing barn

the new construction

you never know who you will run into on your visit

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